Smallest Car in the World

Prepare yourself for a mean machine for all of you with a need for speed in your blood… not! However, what we are about to present you with might interest you even more than even the fastest vehicle in the world.

It’s name is Peel P50 and it is the proud owner of the world’s smallest car title. With a height of mere 47 inches (119 cm) and a total length of 52.8 inches (134 cm) it truly is a dwarf among cars.

Smallest Car Peel P50

As you might have expected, it’s also among the slowest vehicles around. It uses a 49 cc moped engine that won’t allow you to get past 37 mph (60 km/h) no matter how hard you might try.

The P50 was produced for 3 consecutive years between 1962 and 1965 with only 50 models actually being made, 27 of which are still known to be in existence. That makes this little three-wheeled fellow rather valuable actually, much more than the original price of £199 ($321).

Smallest Car Ever

Smallest Car in the World

Worlds Smallest Car

Smallest Car