Smallest Doll in the World

Dolls have been used as toys by children for many years, all over the world. Early on they were made out of wood, while nowadays plastic is mostly used in the creation process.

To find the smallest doll in the world we must go back to the beginning of the 20th century. It was sold in England from the early 1900s to 1930s. Smallest doll used to come with an egg, which could be opened in two parts. The legend painted on the egg states “The Smallest doll in the world”. If you were wondering why this doll comes inside the egg, the reason is Easter eggs were commonly gifted to children back then, and this one was even more special as it had a little doll inside.

Egg itself is about 1.26 inches (3.2 cm) long and 0.51 inches (1.3 cm) wide. When you open up the egg, you are greeted with the world’s smallest doll, measuring only 0.51 inches (1.3 cm) in height. Legs and arms of the doll are fully moveable.

worlds smallest doll

smallest doll