Smallest Optical Mouse in the World

It would seem that every piece of technology has to have that one extremely tiny model. Smallest cell phone, smallest camera, smallest TV, you name it, it’s out there.

Whether or not any of those are usable or make any actual sense is another story, but today we’ll bring you yet another smallest tech record – the smallest optical mouse in the world.

Made by CyberInc Pte Ltd company from Singapore, the Z-Nano Mouse takes the crown when it comes to small size. Measuring at 1.67 inches (4.25 cm) in length, 0.81 inches (2.05 cm) in width and a thickness of 0.69 inches (1.76 cm), it is so small that most people would have problems using it properly. Originally introduced in 2008, it is available for about $60.

Smallest Computer Mouse

Smallest Optical Mouse