Smallest Town in the US

Located in the state of Nebraska, Monowi is by far the smallest town in all of US with basically the smallest possible number of inhabitants a town can have – one.

The only person inhabiting Monowi is 78 years old Elsie Eiler who works at the local tavern serving the passing travelers, apart from being the town mayor.

As you might have imagined it, most of the buildings are crumbling down due to lack of maintenance. The local elementary school hasn’t had a pupil in it for the past three decades, while the last event in the local church, Elsie’s father’s funeral, took place about 50 years ago.

Smallest Town in the US

Eiler spends most of her free time in the town library reading a number of about 5,000 books, most of which belonged to her late husband, who she met in the very same town of Monowi. Although Monowi was always a small town with not much more than 150 inhabitants, the current population of 1 is an all-time low, making it the smallest town in the United States.

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